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As a mother of two boys, I have many happy memories reading children's books to them when they were young. With my own love of drawing, my background in music, and seasoned career in songwriting, I guess it was inevitable that someday I would write a children’s book with music. Creating Poof A Puff of Wind  was so rewarding, that I realized writing children’s books was what I wanted to continue doing.

Poof A Puff  Of  Wind, the first in a series with the second book available soon, provides a playful introduction to one of nature’s phenomena as well as a delightful story with a positive message for children. When Poof decides he wants to blow down to the ground to make a friend, he discovers that life has obstacles that can be overcome as long as you keep trying.    


Poof A Puff  Of  Wind  is accompanied by a CD which offers a totally original addition to a children’s book.  With accompaniment, the story is sung word for word, creating an opera-like musical of the book.  Singing along with the music is not only a fun musical experience for a child, but it also becomes a creative reading aid helping with word recognition.  

Poof DVDsmall.jpg

We have also made Poof  available in DVD, which allows your child to view the book on your television while listening to the music as the pages turn.


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