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“What a joy! I so enjoyed it. It has a nice message behind it too. There is a place we can all be helpful and useful in this life. Just don't give up trying. Keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities. Out grandson will be getting it for Christmas. Thanks for the blessing" 

 Dot & Al Herzog

“Pam, I love your book. It is delightful, a  perfect marriage between the story and the illustrations.”

(The late) Nat Schram

Prestigious New York Illustrator and former Art Director for CBS Advertising


"Thank you so very much for coming to read at Cooperative Child Care Center. The children adored your book and the reading of it. We appreciate your time and your thoughtfulness with the kids!"

Nancy Lipsitz


"Getting my twin nephews to sit still at the age of 4 was no easy task, but Poof, A Puff Of Wind not only captured, but held their attention. Any connoisseur of books for children will love Poof. The accompaniment music mesmerizes, and Pam's voice is truly a gift for all ages".

C. S. Reeder

Playwright, Poet, & Songwriter


"You  simplify to essential elements, tell your tale and disappear, leaving a profound feeling of good will, knowledge, and happiness. Light as a feather clear as a bell".

Lon Van Eaton

Entertainment & Record Producer,  Recording artist with CBS Records, the Beatles’Apple Records, and A&M Records.

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